Chocolate avocado smoothie

This is seriously so freaking good you would never know it was actually healthy. I had this for a desert last night. It tastes just like a real chocolate milkshake that I used to love so much as a child, without the nastiness of dairy and sugar. It’s a great way to use up a ripe avocado that will otherwise go bad. Avocados are a regular staple in my diet. I have one almost every day.

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Pineapple kale smoothie

This is my all time favorite smoothie. I love the combination of flavors, especially the pineapple/mint. Kale is one of my top favorite foods ever. I eat it every day in one way or another. The benefits are endless.According to an article I just read on the healthy, kale is anti-inflammatory, and inflammation is one of the strongest signs of physical and mental aging. When we consume anti-inflammatory foods, we boost our bodies defenses and quench the fire that contributes to the wear and tear of aging. Antioxidants are also abundant in kale, and these antioxidants go right away at attacking and defeating free radicals that can wreak havoc on the skin and other areas of the body.Vitamin A may help keep you attractive, as eating foods rich in this vitamin provides a slightly reddish-orangish hue to the skin. Researchers have found that individuals prefer other individuals who give off this color in the skin. Also, the high vitamin C content in kale may help protect against premature aging of the skin by protecting the skin from ultra violet light. It’s also a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals produced from prolonged sun exposure.

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Pumpkin pie smoothie and Raw Pecan love pie

This is my favorite time of year here in Charlottesville. I love fall and all the delicious desserts that come along with it. I love pumpkin pie and pecan pie and warm apple pie. It’s just that I’m trying to watch what I eat and I don’t want to eat sugar and dairy and gluten. I like feeling like I had a nice dessert without all the guilt. I just created this pumpkin pie smoothie, which I kinda copied from Integral Yoga, but so what! Here it is….

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Colleen’s Orange Julius

My sister Colleen was here visiting for Labor Day weekend and made me an Orange Julius
for dessert that was so delicious. It reminded me of the real orange julius we used to get from the mall that originally was loaded with fat, dairy and calories. It also tastes like a creamsicle. Here’s the recipe…

Servings: 1 person

  • One orange or tangelo
  • One cup unsweetened vanilla coconut milk (this works best but you can use unsweetened vanilla Almond milk or any other nut milk)
  • One teaspoon of vanilla
  • Half a packet of Stevia
  • Two ice cubes

Blend and enjoy your own Orange Julius.

My love for green smoothies

I have a deep love for green smoothies. Green smoothies are a regular part of my everyday life. They are like my comfort, my security blanket. I love filling my mason jar every morning with delicious green smoothie recipes. I have discovered amazing benefits from drinking green smoothies every day. My skin is clearer, my eyes are brighter, my metabolism has changed,my weight is balanced,  elimination is more regular promoting detox, I’m not starving all the time because I get my nutrients delivered directly to my blood stream. I don’t have to take so many vitamins, my kitchen was starting to look like a GNC. I couldn’t even remember what I was taking and why. I just felt deficient. It’s best to get all our nutrients from food. The green smoothie takes care of everything. The only thing I take now is Omega Fatty Acids, very important, and I add various super foods to my smoothies. I also add protein powder, I like Sun-Warrior brand and Vega. These grains are sprouted and have more nutrients. I also have a few local eggs or a bowl of amaranth grain about a half hour after my smoothie. I just have the type of metabolism that needs constant protein. I encourage you to start your day with a green smoothie.

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Blackberry Basil Cucumber Smoothie

I created this smoothie yesterday after my trip the the city farmers market walking from my new apartment. I love being downtown and being walking distance to everything. It’s not only better for the environment to walk more, but it’s better for your soul. I feel more present and awake to my surroundings, noticing little things I never noticed before. I love feeling connected to my food, and the farmers I buy my food from. I went at 7:30 am, and beat the crowd, so I was able to really talk to the farmers and ask about my food. It was a great experience.I encourage you to check out your local farmers market. It’s really worth it!


1 cucumber chopped
5 large basil leaves
1 cup blackberries
2 large handfuls of arugula
1/2 cup almond milk ( or any non-dairy milk)
2 ice cubes
1 scoop vega protein powder (or any protein powder you like)
Blend and enjoy!

Arugula is a very nutritious green high in vitamins A and C. According to David Wolfe, it is very high in sulfur, so it is a beautifying food, great for the skin and acne.