Natural cleaning products

I have to say I love to clean! I love the way it feels when my apartment looks clean and organized, I love the smell of essential oils and clean air. I love the way it feels when I’m done cleaning because it feels like I really accomplished something. I just don’t want to bring into my home a wealth of toxins, chemicals, and dangerous substances that will harm my health and the Earth’s  waterways and soil. Every time it gets washed down the drain we add to the chemical burden of the planet. I remember one time I was cleaning my toilet with some ammonia based cleaner with a huge WARNING stating that a teaspoon to an ounce may be fatal if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin. I inhaled too much and lost my breath….I could not breathe and thought I was dying. I had a terrible cough for weeks following. I realize now that if the cleaning product has a number on the back for poison control it can’t be good for me. I don’t want this stuff around where I eat and breathe and let it absorb through my skin…gross! These toxic chemicals can accumulate in your body causing respiratory distress and are extremely carcinogenic. What to do? I make my own.

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