Clear, glowing, beautiful skin!

Glowing skin has always been something I longed to have my entire life. I’ve suffered from acne on and off for many years and it is¬†absolutely devastating. Not to mention humiliating and tragic. Many years ago I was prescribed accutane for my acne. I didn’t realize¬†then how toxic it was to the system. It cleared up my acne, but had serious side effects that were not very pleasant. If I had known then what I know now, I could have stopped it before it started. I still suffer from occasional flare ups that can really get me down. One of the main causes is hormonal changes. Others are stress (which messes with our hormones!),toxins, and poor diet.

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Purely Decadent ice cream

I discovered this ice cream while I was on vacation this week. Everyone was having ice cream and I just gave in and decided to have some. This has a ton of sugar in it so I don’t recommend having this all the time. When you want to splurge though…dig in. It is so good I ate the whole thing in one sitting. I love this flavor, peanut butter zig zag. It reminds me of the peanut butter cup sundae I used to eat all the time from Friendly’s.It’s by Purely Decadent.


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My favorite natural hair products

I have really thin hair that needs lots of volume and extra help. Although eating an organic plant-based diet has changed my hair, It’s more shiny and a little thicker then it was before, I still need a little volume. I don’t like using many products anymore, the less the better for me. Many of the toxins we absorb in our everyday life come from the products we use. I recently did some spring cleaning and cleared out all the products sitting around that I don’t really use and that aren’t healthy for me. I love Kevin Murphy products. Kevin Murphy is giving hairdressing a greener face by creating a line that is environmentally friendly without compromising product performance. All products are paraben and sulfate free and made with renewable and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. The products are made using pure essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants. We use Kevin Murphy at Evolve eco-friendly salon where I work. I also love Aveda products, Aveda is also a strong player in environmental awareness. Their products can have a strong fragrance for some who are used to commercial products containing petrochemicals. I find Kevin Murphy products to be more gentle, soft, and delicious smelling. Here are my every day favorites.

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Sticky fingers cupcakes

Sometimes I just really need a cupcake. Even though I eat mostly raw and healthy most of the time, certain days and moments call for cupcakes. Interestingly enough, my craving hit me while leaving the gym after a pretty decent workout. You just never know. I went over to whole foods and picked up a box of chocolate love cupcakes made by sticky fingers bakery. They can be found in the prepared foods section with all the desserts. They are a bit pricey for box of 4 cupcakes, but well worth it! They are vegan, not gluten-free, but vegan and absolutely divine. My sister and I went to the cafe in Washington DC a few weeks ago and I got the gluten-free cupcake there. My sister got the peanut butter chocolate I think. I have to say I enjoyed every minute of eating the chocolate love cakes while kicking back and watching a movie called “Two Lovers” starring Joaquin Phoenix. I love Joaquin, he is dedicated vegan who has made animal rights a priority. He’s also extremely sexy.

Cupcakes and Joaquin….good combination.

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My favorite breads

I have to admit I love bread, I’m Italian for god’s sake! I just don’t digest gluten very well. I can really put on on a few pounds if I don’t watch it. White flour, whole wheat flour, rye flour, not good for beauty. I’m also left feeling heavy, bloated, and hungry an hour later. This is because refined white flour causes spikes in our blood sugar levels.It stimulates appetite and causes food cravings.Flour is empty calories, empty carbohydrates. It is highly processed and stripped of most nutritional content. Pasta also means “paste” in Italian. It acts like paste in our bodies too.

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My favorite raw/ vegan books and being prepared for the week

I love to have several recipe ideas lined up for the week before I go to whole foods. Lately I’ve been strolling into to whole foods and rebeccas natural foods without a list or any idea of what I’m going to fix for the week. As a result I spend crazy amounts of money and then I get home and wonder what I’m going to eat! Although I’d rather spend tons of money on food vs. health insurance or medical bills. I do know that stocking my pantry is essential in order to be prepared for the week. You should only have to stock up once every few months if done right. I like to keep organized jars in my pantry so I can see what I have and go from there. If all my bulk items are in bags or canisters that aren’t glass I don’t know what the hell is in there!

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