My Eco-friendly father’s day gifts

I’m not really big on gift giving in general, it alway’s seems like a big waste of precious resources like all the paper we waste, the materials that are mass produced and not sustainable or renewable. Not to mention buying things for people that they really don’t need or want. I like to buy gifts that are eco-friendly and purposeful. I have a serious romantic and sappy side to me though, and I like to show the people I love that I love them. Like my dad, my recent visit with him was so amending and purposeful. I have a huge soft spot for my dad. I was going crazy watching my dad use mass quantities of plastic water bottles. And he wasn’t recycling! I was all tied up in knots about it, but people don’t know, they aren’t educated and they remain stuck in their old ways unless shown something different. I did get him to try my morning green smoothie though.

The next morning he said to me ” Do you think you can make me one of those smoothies again?” He is now making his own green smoothies and loving them. I bought him a brita filter and pitcher so he no longer has to buy plastic bottles.

I also bought him a copy of the book The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. My dad had cancer in the past and still suffers from some health issues. I tried to educate him on the importance of plant based foods. This book is written on one of the most comprehensive study’s of nutrition aver conducted on a plant-based diet and how it heals cancer. Men are more open to learning if there is some scientific approach to things. This is a great gift for men. I also love how Larry Hagman, who plays JR on the hit show Dallas cured his cancer on a vegan diet, and he swears by it and is now vegan crazy! I love it, that was my favorite show. Larry also talks about the power of juicing.