Clear, glowing, beautiful skin!

Glowing skin has always been something I longed to have my entire life. I’ve suffered from acne on and off for many years and it is absolutely devastating. Not to mention humiliating and tragic. Many years ago I was prescribed accutane for my acne. I didn’t realize then how toxic it was to the system. It cleared up my acne, but had serious side effects that were not very pleasant. If I had known then what I know now, I could have stopped it before it started. I still suffer from occasional flare ups that can really get me down. One of the main causes is hormonal changes. Others are stress (which messes with our hormones!),toxins, and poor diet.

woman holding chard

I’ve been trying to find a natural cleanser that I like for years, and keep getting discouraged because they irritate my skin and break me out more. Not to mention the expense of organic beauty products. I’m happy to announce I found one I really love! It’s call Juice Beauty by Alicia Silverstone. My skin feels so good and clean, and it glows. This of course doesn’t take the place of a clean nutritious diet filled with tons of organic veggies,green smoothies every day or green juices, high quality protein with meats that are organic and free from hormones, eliminating wheat and white flour products, eliminating dairy and sugar, and keeping our stress level down. I find yoga to help keep my skin clear too.

juice beauty products
With any product you use, it’s so important to look for all natural ingredients.  These products are made from pure organic fruit juices and the most yummy-sounding ingredients. The healing chamomile cleanser is made with organic apple juice, organic aloe leaf juice, champagne grape seed oil, passion flower, and white tea leaf. The moisturizer contains organic apple juice, organic aloe leaf juice, organic shea butter, organic acai berry, champagne grapeseed oil, passion flower, organic cranberry seed oil, organic cucumber extract, organic sunflower oil, organic avocado oil and sweet almond oil. These products are also so affordable!

A really nice beauty tip I tried was to make your own natural facial scrub with brown sugar and a little water or oil. I love coconut oil and jojoba oil on my skin. Do this like once a week to exfoliate.


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