Happy New Year!

Well it’s another new year. I’m feeling very good about this year:)  I was trying to think about all the things I want to do better, all the new classes I want to take ( more yoga please), all the healthy dishes I’m going to prepare for myself, the bodywork I want and need so badly, and most of all make more money and create the business I desire.  In all of my racing thoughts about all of this I realized that all I want is to slow down. I realized that I’m never alone, I’m never really alone. I felt deep down inside myself that I don’t need anyone to come and fix everything for me anymore, I feel so good in my own skin right now that the desperation I felt before seems so far away, like it has transcended. I realized that all I ever need is right inside myself, and for once I don’t need anything from anyone else and I don’t need anything at all really except more spiritual progress. What I truly crave is my spiritual life and more reflection from others on the same path. I don’t need a plan for my life, I don’t need new years resolutions, my life will just unfold as it should. I don’t need to keep adding things to my schedule. Slowing down and really feeling joy in the moment is not what I strive for, it’s what I’m experiencing.


Thanks to everyone who has helped support my blog this year. I hope to have more valuable information for you in 2013 that’s not only healthy, but fun too! Please pass it on to others that could benefit:)



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Excellent thoughts for the New Year! We all should pay heed to this message as we are becoming a society of stress, stress, stress.

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