Raw brownie bites

I made these delicious raw brownies for dessert last night and they were seriously decadent. They are so easy to make! All you need is a food processor. I love my new Cuisinart food processor that I got for myself. These brownie bites can be eaten for dessert or can be eaten as power snacks during the day. As I mentioned before, cacao powder is a super-food, which makes my list of top cancer fighting foods. The benefits of raw cacao are endless. The myths we hear about chocolate causing weight gain, cavities, acne etc. are false and are more likely the cause of additives like sugar and dairy.

The nutrient density of raw cacao benefits every function of the body. One of the many cool facts about chocolate is that it is the highest source of magnesium and chromium of any food! Magnesium is the most deficient mineral in the average human. All of the compounds found in raw cacao benefits longevity in humans.

~Vitamin A
~Vitamin B (1, 2, 3, 5 and 6)
~Vitamin C
~Vitamin E
~Omega 6 Fatty Acids
~Saturated Fats
~Amino Acids
~Soluble Fiber (which is the type people need more of)
~Enzymes (including catalase, lipase and amylase)
~Other Beneficial Phytonutrients

Raw Brownie
3 cups walnuts
1 tablespoon vanilla
2/3 cup raw cacao powder
20 medjool dates (pitted)
Process walnuts first until crumbly, add the rest and process. Make balls using your hands, or use a cookie cutter.

raw brownie bites


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