The joy of healing

What a week this has been! I’ve moved into a new apartment this week, had major shifts in old ideas, fears and changes in my overall healing process. I’m not exaggerating  when I say all I’ve wanted to do is rest, sleep, and go within. It really is truly magical when I allow myself the rest and healing my mind and body truly needs. I’m so accustomed to be on the go, in a rush, worried about people liking me and accepting me, trying to be and do perfect things, trying to manage my life. It’s not only draining, but it robs me of true vibrance and joy. It is true joy to be present in the moment, to live your life now, and not be so fearful of the future or stuck in the past. I have found I cannot be giving when I have nothing to give, when I don’t take the time to replenish my soul. My sister was here visiting this weekend and decided she was going to jump out of a plane. She felt drawn to go skydiving, something I am too fearful to try. I have been so busy working and being obsessed with having my apartment together that I missed seeing her jump.I missed out. I always miss out when I’m self-obsessed. This is what happens when I’m not free of my self-imposed demands of life. Here is my sister at Orange Skydive in Orange, Va.

Yay Colleen, she is one of the most brilliant, self-confident, not to mention the bravest and most adventurous women I know.

I am going to make a conscious effort to start enjoying my life. I was blessed last weekend to have met two very talented healers who are recognized under the name “Joy of Healing”. Andrew and Tamara Overlee from Florida. Andrew was gifted the ability to channel spiritual teachings from the ethereal word. I was apprehensive at first, although I believe in mediums and feel drawn to the spiritual realm, I don’t trust everyone who claims they have the answer. I didn’t feel that way with them, I was able to communicate with “spirit doctors” from the ethereal realm and I also received a healing from them. It felt like a true blessing to me.  I realized all I have to do is open my eyes and see. The nonphysical guidance and my own intuition never leave me, this never fails. I have received many healings and find energy work to be the most effective.This is a journey, a journey to complete well-being. We can experience well-being is less than 30 seconds just by changing our perspective. Just by eliminating the fears and doubt that hold us back.

Here is the view from my bedroom window, not too shabby…

I thank god every time I wake up to this beautiful life, and have gratitude for the blessings in my life. I am grateful for my healing. Healing comes from within, it’s about being connected to spirit, connected to yourself.


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