The healing beauty benefits of seaweed

I was really hesitant to try seaweed a few years ago. I didn’t like the smell and I thought it was really fishy tasting. I just didn’t know how to eat it or add it to my foods. Now I love it! I love nori wraps and sushi. I love seaweed salad.  Heres me enjoying seaweed salad from my favorite restaurant called The Great Sage. The Great Sage is in Clarksville, MD and worth the day trip! It’s 100% vegan and delicious!

And here is my sister enjoying the salad, her first time.

The benefits of sea vegetables like hijiki, arame, wakame, kombu, and nori are simply amazing. With tons of minerals, high in protein, they are alkalizing and detoxifying to the blood. They are tumor inhibitors, discharging  radioactive materials from the body! They are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, reduce blood pressure, and are great for the skin, hair and nails. Sea veggies can make your hair thick and shiny if eaten regularly. I love dulse flakes. I sprinkle dulse flakes on anything I would normally use salt for. I love dulse and nori on my salads. Kelp is also amazing.Kelp is high in iodine and helps balance and regulate the thyroid gland. This in turn help with metabolism and weight loss. I use sea seasonings organic kelp granules.

I encourage you to experiment with seaweed. Alicia Silverstones book The Kind Diet has some great recipes with sea veggies. She follows a macrobiotic diet she calls superhero. West main seafood here in Charlottesville,Va has the most amazing sesame seaweed salad and sushi. I have it at least once a week.


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