Sticky fingers cupcakes

Sometimes I just really need a cupcake. Even though I eat mostly raw and healthy most of the time, certain days and moments call for cupcakes. Interestingly enough, my craving hit me while leaving the gym after a pretty decent workout. You just never know. I went over to whole foods and picked up a box of chocolate love cupcakes made by sticky fingers bakery. They can be found in the prepared foods section with all the desserts. They are a bit pricey for box of 4 cupcakes, but well worth it! They are vegan, not gluten-free, but vegan and absolutely divine. My sister and I went to the cafe in Washington DC a few weeks ago and I got the gluten-free cupcake there. My sister got the peanut butter chocolate I think. I have to say I enjoyed every minute of eating the chocolate love cakes while kicking back and watching a movie called “Two Lovers” starring Joaquin Phoenix. I love Joaquin, he is dedicated vegan who has made animal rights a priority. He’s also extremely sexy.

Cupcakes and Joaquin….good combination.

There is also a book written by Doron Petersan who owns Sticky Fingers that looks to be a winner.


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