The blood type diet “Debunked” and the facts about protein

I have been flirting with being vegan for almost 8 years now. I started wanting to become vegetarian back in 2001. I’ve been in and out of vegetarianism and then started becoming more awakened to what goes into my body in general. As my consciousness grows, so does my love and compassion for all animals. I became fascinated with where my food comes from. I wanted to know what happened to the animals, how they got to my plate, how were the farms and were the farmers treated right.? I have become more concerned about the earth and the state it’s in now, and how I can help. I’ve read many books on nutrition and animal welfare, with still a whole lot more on my list of reads. I was recently concerned about my blood type, having read the blood type diet by Peter D’Adamo. I was worried about my ability to stay healthy eating only plants considering I am a type O. Peter claims that type O’s need to eat primarily animal products, red meat being the big staple. Since I’ve been dealing with fatigue and such I thought, maybe I need animal protein, all the while not feeling right about it at all. If I’m not feeling right about what’s going into my body, then that vibration really does manifest in the body, mind and spirit. I know deep down that I don’t want to be any part of animals suffering. And believe me, they suffer big time. They don’t stand a chance on factory farms at all.  John Robbins, author of The Food Revolution and No Happy Cows explains ” I’ve harvested cabbages and pulled carrots out of the ground, and I’ve been in slaughterhouses and seen animals have their brains bashed out with sledgehammers and their throats cut- the experiences are not comparable” There is documentary called Earthlings that will show you what really goes on with the slaughtering of animals. I myself cannot watch it, I already know it’s really really bad. I started crying at some of the images.

Sooooo, what  to do? Well, I just read an article on Kimberly Snyder’s blog about the blood type diet debunked! It isn’t all that accurate after all. Turns out there really isn’t much scientific evidence to back any of it up. The truth is, a diet high in meat and animal products makes the body very acidic. This can cause all kinds of health issues. Once again, research has proven scientifically that an alkaline plant based diet rich in enzymes and nutrients is best for optimal health. I am taking a liquid iron/herbal supplement called floradix and getting regular acupuncture treatments to build my blood and help with the fatigue. The truth is, I need to up my raw foods and eat more regularly. I don’t think my fatigue has anything to do with not getting enough meat or enough protein. Enough with the protein already! The first thing people say to me is “How do you get your protein ?” Why are people so concerned about my protein intake anyway. This really frustrates me. The world is so obsessed with protein. Too much protein is not good for our bodies, our kidneys can’t handle it. On average fruits have 5% of their calories from protein, vegetables 20 to 50%, and sprouts,seeds, nuts, beans, and grains 10 to 25%. Getting enough protein from raw plant based foods is not an issue. Plus, because the protein has not been damaged by heat it is even more effective.

Greens are the ideal source of protein. Dark leafy greens in particular are very high in iron, calcium, folate, and beta-carotene. They are the best source of chlorophyll, a blood-builder and natural healer. Another quote from John Robbins ” Could it be that the whole issue of ‘getting enough protein’ is actually just a figment of our collective imaginations, with nothing behind it except for the propaganda of the meat, dairy and egg industries?”

We don’t need animal protein to be strong. Check it out…

This article lists some of the top vegan athletes. Mike Tyson is one of them!

Check out Mac Danzig, an MMA fighter,and UFC competitor, who is also a strict vegan who campaigns for PETA for animal rights. Now that’s one hot man!


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