Natural skin care products and toiletries I love

It’s important to think about what were putting on our body as well as what we put in. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and anything we put on it, creams, sprays, perfume, cosmetics and shampoos/conditioners are being absorbed through the skin instantly. Many people think that if it is natural and organic it doesn’t work as well. This is not true! Most of the ingredients in our make up bags are petrochemicals, (chemicals derived from petroleum). Some of the ingredients are used in plastics and are known endrocrine disruptors. Yuck! Not to mention the horrible animal testing that goes on in the laboratories.Here is a recent article from the Food Matters blog with a more thorough list of the chemicals to look out for.

Here are some of the daily products I use that I love (they really work!)

Dr. Bronners lavender hemp castile soap– smells so good and has many different uses. I use this as my daily body wash.

Naturally fresh deodorant– This doesn’t stop you from actually sweating, but works great for odor. I also like Weleda Wild Rose spray. Free from harmful aluminum.

Jason sea-fresh toothpaste-I love love this! It keeps my teeth clean and white.

Ren Rose Otto body wash- I love the smell of rose. This wash is light and smells great.

Aveda replenishing body cream– I love this as an everyday body moisturizerAveda tourmaline charged eye cream– this I can’t live without. Puffy eyes be gone!

Aveda foot relief– this feels great after working all day. It also works great for foot odor and smoothing the feet.

Aveda eye makeup remover- love!

Dr. Hauschka day cream– I love this moisturizer night or day!

Suki foaming cleanser- Like. I’m still searching for a perfect cleanser. This is nice.

Burts bees peppermint lip balm– love

Burts bees cuticle cream– makes my cuticles soft and prettyBurts bees acne solutions– love this moisturizer for breakouts

A great book to read is No More Dirty Looks by Siobhan O’connor and Alexandra Spunt. This book is a great guide to beauty products and the truth about what’s in them.

More to come will be Hair care and makeup! Stay tuned…


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