Hair Color and the chemicals to avoid

I’ve  been an American board certified hair colorist since 1994 and consider myself an expert in the field. I love hair color. I always feel sexy and beautiful when I have my hair colored. There’s something about it that livens me up. It adds color and vibrance to my naturally pale complexion. I don’t have gray hair, but if I did you better believe I would want to blend it or cover it up completely. I’m not a big fan of looking older than I am. I believe beauty starts from the inside and starts with spiritual nourishment. As a result of this, diet naturally comes into play. Eating a diet rich in whole plant foods has changed my skin and my hair is actually getting thicker and more lustrous. When I tell people I’m 36 years old they don’t believe it!

I use a color line by Organic Color systems. I’ve been using this line since August of 2010 and I love it. I’ve received excellent feedback from my clients and everyone’s happy we can all breathe without having a chemical reaction. There are several toxic ingredients in hair color that can be very hazardous to our health.

Ammonia– Ammonia is irritating to the eyes, skin and respiratory system, and can cause asthma and breathing difficulties.

Phenylenediamine (PPD)– PPD is known to be toxic to the immune system, skin, nervous system, respiratory system, liver and kidneys. It is the most toxic chemical in hair color. It’s toxic to the environment and has been banned in Canada, France, Germany and Sweden.

Persulfates– Sodium, potassium, ammonium sulfates have been known to irritate skin and are toxic when the fumes are inhaled.

These are just a few of the toxic chemicals used in hair color today. OCS is formulated without ammonia, sulfates, parabens or PPD. OCS is cruelty free, vegan and uses certified organic ingredients. Here’s a blonde I did using OCS at Evolve eco-friendly salon where I currently work.

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Hair Color and the chemicals to avoid

  1. Her color looks amazing! I love the Organic Color Systems line you use on me and I feel like the color stays on longer than the chemical based ones.

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