My favorite breads

I have to admit I love bread, I’m Italian for god’s sake! I just don’t digest gluten very well. I can really put on on a few pounds if I don’t watch it. White flour, whole wheat flour, rye flour, not good for beauty. I’m also left feeling heavy, bloated, and hungry an hour later. This is because refined white flour causes spikes in our blood sugar levels.It stimulates appetite and causes food cravings.Flour is empty calories, empty carbohydrates. It is highly processed and stripped of most nutritional content. Pasta also means “paste” in Italian. It acts like paste in our bodies too.

Ive found some alternatives that I find satisfying and nutritious!

I love Ezekiel breads and products. They are made from whole sprouted grains. I love the sesame bread toasted with earth balance butter, honey and cinnamon….sooo good!

I also love toast spread with avocado, mustard , sprouts and fermented veggies from a local company called farmstead.

A friend recently told me about Sami’s Bakery. I just tried the bagels and they are delicious! High in protein and made with millet and flax. You can’t go wrong! They also have pizza crusts and other yummy treats.

I really love manna bread. Manna bread is cooked at very low temperatures and is yeast free, and free of any leavening agents. I love the date bread spread with raw almond butter and local jam!

I still enjoy my bread without comprising my health or my beauty.


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