My favorite raw/ vegan books and being prepared for the week

I love to have several recipe ideas lined up for the week before I go to whole foods. Lately I’ve been strolling into to whole foods and rebeccas natural foods without a list or any idea of what I’m going to fix for the week. As a result I spend crazy amounts of money and then I get home and wonder what I’m going to eat! Although I’d rather spend tons of money on food vs. health insurance or medical bills. I do know that stocking my pantry is essential in order to be prepared for the week. You should only have to stock up once every few months if done right. I like to keep organized jars in my pantry so I can see what I have and go from there. If all my bulk items are in bags or canisters that aren’t glass I don’t know what the hell is in there!

We all have a Sunday. My new goal is to take a few hours on Sunday to prepare , chop veggies, make a nut pate or pesto for spreads and soak any nuts grains that I will need for the week. More on that later. It’s absolutely essential to have a few great recipe books on hand and to be able to read more about this new lifestyle you are about to try.

My Favorites right now

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone-this book was the first book I ever read and inspired me so much that I continue to read it. I refer to it often and it has influenced me big time! I also love her blog

Raw Food Real World by Sarma Melngailis and Matthew Kenney- I love Both of these authors and raw food enthusiasts. These recipes are a little more time consuming but are so worth it!

Going Raw by Judita Wignall- this book I use every day, it has step by step pictures and the recipes are fantastic!

Appetite for reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz– Isa is by far the best vegan chef and recipe creator. I absolutely love every single recipe I’ve tried from all her books. This book has easy, gluten free choices that take under 30 minutes to fix.

Eating for beauty by David Wolfe– I love love love David Wolfe. He has great uplifting energy and his valuable nutrition information has and continues to have a profound effect on me.


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