The nasty truth about dairy

Allergies, asthma, cancer, weight gain, bad digestion, and messing with our hormones! These are just a few of side effects of consuming dairy on a regular basis. I used to think that if I gave up meat and just ate dairy products I would be getting all the nutrients I needed like calcium and vitamin D…WRONG! Instead I’m getting doses of antibiotics, steroids, and hormones which causes illness and resistance to beneficial bacteria in the long run. Green leafy vegetables like broccoli, kale, and spinach have so much more. Not to mention the horrible CRUEL conditions of dairy factory farms. I didn’t realize that cows don’t produce milk all the time. Well they don’t! Just like humans they only produce milk when they give birth to a baby, so they are forced to be kept pregnant constantly.

Once she gives birth, her calf is taken away from her, boys become veal, girls become milkers. They then have to go through separation anxiety from the loss of their offspring just like we would. The baby boy calves are chained to crates, not allowed to stand up, fed synthetic formula, and then slaughtered. We support this when we eat dairy.

I admit I love cheese. But as soon as I gave it up I have to say I don’t miss it! If I do crave cheese I sometimes buy only the raw unpasteurized organic cheese. This at least has the enzymes in it to help us digest it. I still don’t want to eat it because I don’t feel like I need it anymore. I feel very healthy eating plenty of greens.

The human immune system recognizes milk from another species as an attacker, allergen, this is why people have chronic runny nose and think it’s normal…it’s not! I used to have such horrible allergies, I eliminated dairy, wheat, and genetically modified soy and I haven’t even sneezed in the longest time.

There are plenty of delicious milk alternatives out there, my homemade almond milk is my favorite which I’ll post next. For a quick fix I usually buy blue diamond almond milk or flax milk.


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