Green smoothies

It all started for me with the green smoothie. I was home sick with a terrible cold or flu or something and I needed some nourishment. I didn’t have any energy to fix anything. I had this old blender from hell that didn’t have the power to blend anything of significance. I had a gift certificate to bed,bath and beyond and a 20% off coupon. I had recently read about the vitamix blender and how you could blend all sorts of green juices with the pulp so you have a green smoothie. I was curious about juicing in general because I felt so bad that I was ready to try anything. So I got out of bed and went to bed bath and beyond and purchased a vitamix. I blended some kale and spinach and an apple and banana. It was the best tasting shake I’d ever had! The weeks following that day, I noticed huge changes. I lost 7 pounds right away. I had increased energy,glowing skin,and less craving for sugar. I I thought to myself if I feel this good from blending my greens,how about adding more raw foods!I knew I was on to something big here. So I went out and purchased as many books as I could to learn about this lifestyle.I will post some books I recommend soon! For green smoothies I started with Green for life by Victoria Boutenko. This book changed my life! Since then I start every day with a green smoothie. I vary the greens and add 1 or 2 fruits to sweeten. I then add some superfoods. Some of my favorites are maca powder,spirulina, goji berries, raw cacao powder,raw cacao nibs,bee pollen,raw honey,coconut oil or butter,and my favorite green powder made by pure synergy.For the base I use homemade almond milk,hemp milk,water or coconut water.Below is my typical green smoothie. I always rotate my greens so I get a variety of nutrients.

The healing power of greens

By blending our greens,we truly utilize all the nutrients, the chlorophyll, minerals and protein content making it more easily assimilated, absorbed and used by the body. Unlike juicing,green smoothies keep the pulp which contains all the fiber. Our elimination system needs fiber. Fiber gets the toxins out while the greens bring life and energy in. It’s easy,clean and delicious. Juicing requires more clean up and that usually stops me from doing it at home. I just head over to the Integral Yoga juice bar when I want a fresh  juice! Buying a good quality juicer is definitely on my list. Juicing is also a great way to get instant nutrition. I believe one of the biggest deficiencies in our diet is lack of greens. Dr. Ann Wigmore claims that consuming chlorophyll is like “giving ourselves a healthy blood transfusion”. I know I feel that way every time I drink my green smoothie.

My basic green smoothie

1 cup frozen bananas

2 cups chopped kale,spinach,collards or romaine lettuce (or all of them!)

1 apple or pear

1 celery stalk chopped

1 cup chopped cucumbers

juice of 1 lemon

fresh mint leaves (optional)

11/2  to 2 cups nut milk,coconut water, or filtered water

1 tablespoon pure synergy green powder

1 tablespoon maca powder

1 tablespoon hemp protein or sunwarrior protein powder (optional)

1 tablespoon bee pollen (or sprinkle on top)

other options to throw in are cacao powder, cacao nibs or blue green algae

It’s really delicious! Don’t let the swamp scare you, the fruits hide the flavor of the greens.

Tip: I always have frozen bananas in a ziplock bag in the freezer at all times! I also have frozen strawberries for my strawberry shake. Allow the bananas to ripen completely, cut them up and freeze.



2 thoughts on “Green smoothies

  1. I, too, was weary of the green smoothie but the fruits really mask the taste. Even just having a regular fruit smoothie, I add a handful of spinach leaves and it doesn’t really even turn green. I have to do this for the husband and kids when they want “just” a regular smoothie. Oh and we were a little unsure about spending that kind of money on a vitamix. So we bought the Ninja mixer and it does the job perfectly

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