My raw adventure

This blog is about living raw. Not just about eating raw, although food is a big part of it. It’s about being authentic. It’s about being honest. It’s about spiritual nourishment. My journey to raw has really just begun.

I come from an Italian family where everything revolved around food. My favorite memories are those of my family gathered around my grandmothers kitchen table for big Italian meals. Conversation always consisted of what we were going to eat, how it tasted, and what went into the meal.I developed an intimate relationship with food from an early age. Outside my grandmothers kitchen my diet consisted of processed food,fast food,sugar,cigarettes and alcohol.Need I say more? As a result I was always left feeling tired, malnourished,and hungry.

My love for the kitchen still stands. When I’m I’m in the kitchen I feel happy and purposeful.Even in my cramped little kitchen.I look at it now like a creative,culinary adventure and a way to nourish my body.

I’ve always wanted to be honestly myself. To be able to express myself in an honest,authentic way.I never felt good in my own skin, always heavy and restless. I was insecure about my existence and my body.I’ve struggled with finding the right diet and the right way to live for years.I’ve suffered from acne,I mean deep cystic acne, leaving me devastated at times without any solution.I’ve suffered from chronic fatigue for so long,  caffeine was my only hope.

I’m no expert on nutrition or raw food, I’m just a hairstylist with an inspiration to live raw and be raw.I’ve learned there is no right way. The world is my school and my body is my teacher.There is so much confusing and conflicting nutrition information out there it’s enough to make you go crazy and give up!.

I’ve been eating a mostly raw,mostly plant-based,organic diet for about 8 months now. My energy has improved, my skin is glowing and acne in remission (hopefully forever!) Goodbye nastiness! I feel a sense of peace inside,increased mental clarity,and have lost any excess weight that was weighing me down. People mention to me how great I look every day! My transition to raw foods couldn’t have happened without the psychic change that has occurred inside me as a result of my daily meditation practice.

There’s so much pressure out there to be skinny and lose weight, why do we have to add to that stress? Beauty starts from the inside. Nourishing my body with mostly plants that are organic and locally grown is what feels honest for me now. My goal for this blog is to inspire you to live your most honest and well life, which hopefully includes kindness,love and joy for ourselves, others,  the animals, and the planet!




6 thoughts on “My raw adventure

  1. I’m so proud of you, the blog is terrific! I’m so thrilled you have a place to share your knowledge. I know I’ve benefitted from it for years and now others can too!

  2. Jackie,
    Your blog is really inspiring and it is been great to see the changes a green smoothie has made in your life over the past few months. Keep blogging

  3. Jackie…
    What an awesome job… I know this will help so many people, keep it up. It’s amazing how so many people don’t know what they are putting in their bodies, and your giving them a way to try and figure out what works for them while sharing all the wonderful stuff you’ve done to transform your eating/lifestyle. Thanks for sharing!
    Andrea Pankau

  4. Jack-O! This blog is fabulous and so inspiring. Through your infinite wisdom of all things green and natural I too have become a green smoothie devotee. I look forward to gaining more insight and healthy information from you through the blog!
    Lots of love.
    Erin Libit

  5. Jackie, I’m so inspired by your authentic expression of self in this blog. We’ve only met once (at Col and Er’s 30th bday bash) but I look forward to the next time you are visiting Colleen and we can talk all things green:-) I’ve been on a healing journey the past 7 years and just started juicing and making green smoothies last summer. It truly is about cleansing from the inside out.

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